Week One reflection

Well what a week! I would never have thought that this ICT subject would have involved so much. That just tells me exactly how much I did not know about the internet and its tools. I have learnt some pretty great stuff over the last week. Like how to make an introduction using a web based tool named animoto. This tool was fantastic it allowed me to turn my photos into an amazing video, something I thought I could never do. I have joined twitter which I always thought I never would. I have seen the benefits the ICT’s have for our students and learnt that it is important to move with change and grow with the students. In order to keep up with society we need to ensure we keep up with ICT’s. Thank you for reading through my blog this week, I can not wait until next week so I can further my learning within the ICT area. This will help me become a better teacher, being able to use ICT as learning tool and not just an object will be even better. See you all next week

What ICT are????

Well I have been working on my EDC3100 work for quit a few hours tonight and I came to the reading ICT transforming Education Written by Johnathan Anderson (2010). It talked about how ICT started off being called IT, when the internet came on board it was then renamed to ICT. This really interested me as I remember when we only had computers and floopy disks in our classroom and then one day pop we had the internet. I stayed away from the internet for quit some time as it did not really interest me and I liked reading books. This then lead me to look around my house to notice that we have 2 laptops, 2 desktops, 3 iPads, 3 iPhones, 2 printers, WIFI capable TV’s and 3 gaming stations. All of the ICT’s take over our lives now. My books are now all on my iPad, the only books in this house are our children’s books. I feel it is a little sad to see us moving on from one form of information to another but at the same time I enjoy the use of these ICT. I feel without these living in the 21st century would be very difficult.

The next thing I noticed was that my children 3 and 6 years can use these ICT almost better then me. It is crazy to see how different things are to when I was a child. I decided to ask my daughter what an encyclopaedia was she had no idea but said “Ask google mummy”. This made me laugh as my mum would tell me to look things up in a dictionary or encyclopaedia.

So this leads me to a question is all this ICT good for our children and what are the best ways to teach them about all the ICT available to them?